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We managed to get our bust up equipment and bodies working long enough to record 3 tracks on Friday for Vic Galloways show. If you're in Scotland you can tune in to Radio 1 and listen from 7.30pm-9.00pm this fine evening (Thursday 15th December). If not you should be able to follow THIS LINK and listen on the world wide internerd
Right On.
Incidentally, we're going to try something a little bit different for our show at Optimo on sunday. It could well be a turning point...

our show in cardiff tonight has been cancelled. if anyone has any ideas we're sitting in a starbucks in london waiting for inspiration to hit. drop us an email...

Well, what do you know, we've gone and got ourselves a webstore. You can buy our new single (7" or download) exclusively and also get one of Chris' novels. Point your internet browsing device to RIGHT HERE. Word!

Do you ever wonder if anyone actually ever looks at websites? us too.

Hey! So we started recording our debut album recently. We got 5 tracks down so far and it's sounding awesome. There's gonna be rough mixes kicking around on our myspace page real soon, check it out. We'll be hitting the road again come December and even making it across the water to France. Tres Bonne! More dates are gonna be announced soon and there's been talk of hitting up the NYC connection right after new year. Can't wait!